The 65th  Mannin Angling Club Festival 2016

Port St Mary

Isle Of Man

 Saturday 30th July- Friday 5th August 



sponsored by IOM Tourist Board.

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2016 Mannin Angling Clubs 65th fishing festival. The Mannin Angling Festival has been running successfully since 1951.

This years Festival comprised of;

    • Two day Tower Insurance Plate. Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July. Private boat species hunt.
    • Species boat competition (Charter and Private). Monday 1st, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th August.
    • Shore competitions. Tuesday 2nd August, Senior and Junior shore competitions.
    • Friday 5th August junior shore competition.
More details will be found on entry forms. If you have not received your entry form via the newsletter,please contact Bob Taylor (07624) 483328 or Tony 484498. 


The Mannin Angling club would once again would like to thank the support from the Isle Of Man Tourist Board and the Isle of Man Steam Packet for showing great support for the Event. Tower Insurance for sponsoring the Tower Plate & Nationwide

Insurance for sponsoring our junior section.

 Kayak Fishing 2016.


We have a few dates together. 

    • Saturday 16th July 6th Poker Stars Kayak Cup  in aid of Heroes On The Water. Fishing 10.30 to 16.00. All entry forms must be in by 23.59 on Friday 15th July. All Kayaks must be registered on Port Erin Beach by 9.30am on the 16th July.Limited camping available...
    •  Further kayaking comp dates will be published shortley.. Keep up to date on the Kayak Fishing Isle of Man Facebook page

















Angling Trust Shore and Boat Competition Rule (fishing festival rules).

Duration. The duration of fishing will be fixed by the organizers. To cover differences in boat speeds, times to start and times to stop may be used; competitors are expected to them times honestly. A min of 5 private boats is the min required for the small boat coms to take place during the Mannn Angling Club Fstival.

Equipment. Anglers may use only one rod. Spare rods may be assembled with reel attached, line through the rings. Reels must be operated by hand.

Terminal Tackle. Spare baited traces are allowed and no more than three hooks may be attached to any trace. A treble hook counts as one hook but no more than one treble hook and two single hooks may be used in a rig, with the exception of plug type spinning lures which are permissible when used alone.

Baits. All baits, feather and/or lures may be used unless notified otherwise by organisers.

Restrictions. Organisers may draft rules prohibiting the use of any tackle or method that is likely to cause danger, damage or discomfort to any competitor or other persons.

Casting. In the interest of safety, competitors are advised that any form of dangerous casting is prohibited. Anglers wishing to use 'power casting' styles should use a minimum of 50lb breaking strain shock leader.

Assistance. Assistance may be given to land a fish but no-one other than the competitor may handle the rod. In pier competition, assistance to land fish with a drop net is permitted, as is hand lining the fish up the pier or promenade wall. Boat crew may bait hooks and unhook fish.

Loss or Damage. The organisers shall not be held responsible for any loss, accident or damage occasioned to any competitor, official or member of the public.

Hooked fish.  The deliberate foul hooking of fish is not permitted; however, accidental foul hooked fish are allowed to the discretion of the organisers. In the event of fish being hooked by two or more competitors or caught on lost traces, they shall not be eligible for weighing in.

Undersized fish. It is each angler's responsibility to ensure all undersized fish are carefully returned immediately to the water. Competitors fish may be kept in water but any physical attempt to extend their length will lead to disqualification.

Minimum Sizes. The organisers shall fix the minimum sizes or weights of fish eligible to be included in the competitors catch. It is the anglers responsibility to ensure that fish below these minimum sizes are not brought to the scales. Under size fish brought to the scales may result in disqualification.

Weigh-in. Bags of fish must be delivered to the weighing station by the time specified by the organisers. No bags of fish will be returned to the competitors until expiration of that time. Bags must be identified bu a number or competitors name. Organisers may retain the fish until after the weigh in. As for the festival it will be score cards to be handed at weigh in . No fish to be brought in, unless a record fish.

Decisions. The decisions of the organisers shall be final in the event of any dispute not covered by the rules. The organiser reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation and shall in such case return the entry fees. Any angler found to be breaking the rules will be disqualified. Any angler found leaving litter or throwing litter into the sea during or after the competition shall be disqualified.

Boat positions. Prior to the start of fishing unbiased draws shall be made. The drawer of number one shall fish near the bows of the boat on the starboard side, and across the stern or transom, with highest number drawn fishing as near to the bow of the boat on the port side.